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Modern View of Ancient Ireland

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'Modern View of Ancient Ireland' is a series of works for saxophone and electronics by Irish composers, commissioned by Robert. Each piece in the series deals with a different aspect of Ireland’s rich ancient history and culture.

Describing the beautiful landscapes that surround the island, to the legends and folklore children are taught from a young age, this project is a very personal one to Robert. The addition of electronics along with the personal visions of the contemporary Irish composers provides a modern view of these ancient themes.

This project has been presented at the 2023 World Saxophone Congress, Gran Canaria, Bloomsbury Festival, London, Crescent Festival of Contemporary Irish Music, Wexford, and Culture Night, Dublin.


The works currently part of this series include:

‘Between Stone and Sun (After Newgrange)’

Ian Wilson (2018)


‘Three Louth Legends’

John Buckley (2021)



Finola Merivale (2021)



Christopher Moriarty (2021)

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